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Packing and Storage Services

Moving out but not on yet? Need your valuables packed and stored until you are ready to move in to your new home or office? Let us pack your property and store it safely until your new premises is ready for you.


Metro Movers is the culmination of many years experience in the moving industry. The vision was to create a moving company that is not only reliable and precise but also modern and fresh specifically geared towards an informed and savvy clientèle.

Your valuables packed and stored safely.

So you have to move out of your home or office this month but you have not yet found the perfect next location. With our moving and storage services we will not only pack your possessions but also safely keep them in storage behind lock and key for the day that you find the ideal location.

Your home or office is overflowing with memories of days past and many of these memories can be directly connected to your furniture and other property not to mention the actual monetary value.

For this reason we know that the utmost care should be taken when packing and storing your possessions. We use only the highest quality, sturdy packing boxes and bubble wrap to keep your valuables safe and secure.

We label each box according to it’s content and its fragility ensuring your possessions are handled with care and in an attempt to speed up and alleviate stress from the unpacking later on.

Customer Reviews

Robin Mills

“As a company that regularly moves large quantities of furniture we need a service provider that handles our products with care and delivers in a timely manner, we have found these exceptional qualities in Metro Movers “

Great Service

“Metro Movers replied to my quote quickly and the service was fantastic. Not a single item missing or harmed”

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